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What to bring on escort dates

So as a client you are planning a date with an escort? Many questions arise as you get ready to meet the female escort of your dreams. You have already made arrangements with the escort service and have the time and location is set. Now the big question is what do you need to bring. For the client it’s pretty simple. You will be needing three main things, you, yourself, and your desire to to have fun. It seams kind of cut to the chase when you really think about it. But truth is there is quite a few more things to consider as you plan your escort date. These things are also common things a person should or probably will have with them but just in case I feel they should be mentioned as you might change what you plan as your activities the last minute. I will also give a brief description of why you will be needing these items

1. Donation
The escort receives a donation for her time so its important as a client that you have this prepared as it is required before your time with the escort actually begins. I also recommend that if you plan on spending more time with the women escort you should bring extra to avoid the scrambling around and trying find where to get it. For example if you and your escort companion have made arrangements to spend two hours together starting at 11 PM and at 1 AM you decide that you two are having such a good time you want to extend. At this point you avoid the need to run to the bank or can’t get whats needed from an ATM. You want to be as prepared as possible.

2. Change of clothes
This is important because say you and your female escort companion are taking a walk or having a glass of wine in your hotel and you decide you want to go to a VIP lounge where it requires a certain dress code. It’s important that you are able to dress the part and not have to go through the trouble of being denied at the door. That could pretty upsetting and even embarrassing. Sometimes the escort service providing your escort can help you make arrangements for such activities like extra VIP escort services.

3. Identification
Depending if the escort service accepts other forms of payment in place of cash you will need to have your identification on hand. Also if you plan on utilizing services of the escort agency to go out to a lounge or club its obvious you will need that identification ready.

Other then that as the client you really wouldn’t have a need for anything other then yourself and it’s always recommended that you come with a positive attitude. As an escort we recommend that you bring other items which I will also explain below.

1. Make up
As an escort you want to make sure you always look your best for the client. It’s important that you act as if. What I mean by that is a client uses an escort service so he get the perfect escort lady. It is important that you have your basic needs especially your make up to always beautify yourself and ensure your clients satisfaction.

2. Cellphone
It’s important to have your cellphone on hand and make sure you have service. Your time is valuable and the escort service needs to be able to reach you at all times. This is crucial for the escorts safety. When an escort uses an escort service it’s not only beneficial for her to receive clients but most importantly it’s so we know where she is and that she’s safe.

3. Credit card slips
As we spoke about above, you should always have credit card slip in the case that the client decides to extend their time. Even if the clients donation is in cash, you want to always be prepared for any scenario.

4. Change of clothes
Yes a change of clothes for you as well. Plans can change at any time so it’s important you are prepared for any and all occasions whether it be a club, lounge, or formal restaurant. Besides that an escort is expected to have a certain dress code and she should always look the part and be professional.

Now that we spoke about what both an escort and client should be prepared to bring I cannot stress the importance of bringing a positive attitude. A clients and escorts attitude are vital for any escort date to be successful. World Class Models has had many great stores and great reviews from its escorts. If you seek the best in the escort experience there is only one place for your choice of an nyc escort that’s World Class.

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