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Should I Tip my Escort

Many clients wonder two questions when nyc escorts arrive at their desired location. The first is should I tip my escort?, the next is how much should I yip my escort? It’s one of the most common questions and in this blog I will answer some of these questions. An escort should never ask for a tip as it can be considered sometimes rude. If you as a client finds the services satisfactory then the answer is yes, you should tip your escorts. A tip should not entitle extra services, as it is just the right thing to do. For example it’s almost like going to a restaurant for dinner and at the restaurant after the food is ordered and you receive your check, you then let your waitress know that she is appreciated. How you do that is that once you find the services satisfactory you leave her a tip. The same goes for your escort, when you find the services satisfactory you should tip your escorts.

My recommendation to the client is always have your initial agreed upon donation and bring extra, which I would say double to your appointment. Immediately upon arrival always give your nyc escort the agreed upon donation. My other advice is don’t try to bargain and get the donation down after her arrival. So the next question becomes how much do I tip my escort in nyc ? There is no right answer at it is completely at the clients discretion. Clients should always respect the escort upon arrival, and understand she deserves the same respect. After the initial base donation if the services provided are quality then the clients should tip the escort for her services. If your escort provider delivers premiere quality service, then the female escort deserves to be rewarded. The average and proper amount is normally at least 35% to 40% gratuity, but no matter what it lets the female ny escorts know that she I appreciated for her time. Beyond being the right thing to do as when you receive good quality service it’s also suitable for good referrals and luxury VIP service. So in the question should I tip my escort? As it is not required but yes it’s the right thing to do.

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